Periodic Table Elements

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Periodic Table Elements

Please keep in mind that every piece of wood will have different grain patterns and could take the stain slightly different.

Spell out any name or word you would like using elements from the Periodic Table of Elements.  Because you can’t actually spell out any word you would like using only real elements, feel free to make up your own.  If you would like, we’ll make them up for you.  If possible, we will spell out the word using only legitimate elements.

Each piece is carved from a single piece of pine and has a keyhole slot cut into the back for hanging on the wall.  However, if you want to spell out something that has quite a few letters, you may want to use another form of hanging the pieces so that you do not have to put too many holes in your wall.  We recommend using Velcro or some other form of adhesive that does not leave residue on your wall.

Each piece measures 9.25” x 9.25” (W x H).